Wendy is knowledgeable and talented, and her work is filled with integrity, personality and thought whether in a personal or commercial context. As a tutor she is caring and considerate, sharing an intense knowledge of art and inspiring with a clear passion for what she does. It's always a joy to learn from her or be around her work - her exhibitions are always something to look forward to."  

Bonnie Friend

Wendy shares her passion for art through select art courses and holidays, and on-lione mentoring. If you have a group or need some studio space for your personal development contact Wendy 

Artists' Retreat 25-30 May 2025

To help creatives develop their artistic process, wherever they are on their journey, is a passion of mine. When I was accepted to an artists’ residency in Chateau Orquevaux in the Champagne region of France, one of the amazing people I met was a wonderful, American woman and inspirational artist, Racquel Keller. The joy of residencies is the ideas and collaborations that follow. So, having shared fun, philosophies and creativity, we have decided to work together. We are offering a 5-night Artists’ Retreat in SW France in May 2025.

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It gives time and space to contemplate one’s artistic journey whilst sharing thoughts with fellow artists. The absence of distractions and the presence of like-minded individuals make this an ideal setting for artists seeking to focus on their craft, find inspiration in French culture, and develop a deeper connection with their creative spirit. It’s a place where the boundaries of imagination are expanded, and where the light and beauty of the French countryside combine to nurture your artistic soul.