As summer comes to an end, I am drawn to the sculptural, heavy-headed sunflowers. I find these ageing flower heads quite intriguing as an artist - their papery crumpled leaves, their velvety heads and popping seeds. However, I have had comments telling me that they are ugly at this stage and the bright sunny version is preferable. So, my mission is to create work that transforms the “ugly” to the mesmerising. My art is concerned with transiency and fragility  so I presume this is why I am attracted to them. Autumn is a time for reflection on time passing, sometimes with sadness, sometimes with hope, but always to be appreciative of being here, alive, and present in the moment.

Layering translucent paint, carving on thick swathes, scraping back with a knife, emphasising form with oil and chalk pastel line, create nature's theme of fragility and transition. 

Please contact Wendy if you are interested in buying any of these paintings.